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Hindu American Advocacy Group To Celebrate One Year!

CoHNA Event to Feature Swami Sarveshananda ji, * Honorable NY Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar* and Honorable Ohio State Senator Niraj Antani among others

What does Hindu Advocacy look like and why does it matter? When Hindu Americans advocate for themselves, they are able to

  •  Re-frame the debate around the Swastika with an education campaign and multi-faith alliance that was instrumental in changing the course of a bill that would have deemed the sacred and auspicious Swastika as a symbol of hatred in New York schools
  • Highlight the rarely heard stories of Kashmiri Hindus and their exodus from the valley over thirty years ago- the Kashmir Awareness Campaign
  • Shine a light on the pain of religiously persecuted minorities, including Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. 
  • Provide contemporary research to challenge misinformed views formed due to colonization along with a deconstruction of the racist and colonial biases against Hindus. 
  • And much more

I invite you to join the one year anniversary celebration this Sunday for CoHNA (Coalition of Hindus of North America). Our guest speakers include spiritual figures, politicians, community and youth leaders. Learn about how and why the Hindu American community is speaking up in a collective voice community is speaking up in collective voice.

Let me know if you’d are able to attend or have questions



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