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CoHNA is excited to be part of Google Registry’s Early Adopter Program for .day Domains showcases one of the most popular Hindu Festivals

New Jersey, January 25, 2022: “Will you celebrate because it is your,, or just because it is Will you engage more deeply with your community? No matter what you do today, we hope you’ll seize your .day domain and make it a great experience.” This is how Google Registry launched the .day top-level domain today — a secure domain that brings attention to any milestone.

The Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA) is very excited to have created one of the first .day websites to launch, through Google Registry's early adopter program. Check out Google’s video and its call out to

“CoHNA is very proud to be able to showcase Diwali, as one of the most important days for communities and cultures around the world. We thank Google Registry for making time to honor these significant milestones and for assigning CoHNA the responsibility for Diwali,” said Nikunj Trivedi, President of CoHNA.

Diwali mesmerizes us with its beauty and joy. One cannot miss seeing images of this stupendously beautiful festival marked by thousands of little flickering points of light (diyas), intricately drawn floor art (rangoli), festive families and exploding firecrackers. And there is so much beauty and depth to each of the myriad symbols, practices and traditions of this joyous five day festival celebrated by Hindu communities across the globe. We invite everyone to visit and find out about the contemporary and historical relevance of these and much more.

CoHNA is a grassroots level advocacy organization dedicated to improving the understanding of Hinduism in North America by working on matters related to the Hindu community and by educating the public about Hindu heritage and tradition. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at, on Facebook at,  on Youtube at CoHNA Official - YouTube and on Instagram at

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